Warm Potato Spinach Salad [Nigel Slater Project #19]





Woah. Can I just have a minute please? My brain is a scramble and I’m finding it hard to keep up. I’ve just managed to knock off what was sixty eight feeds in my bloglovin tab to seven, see, even now I’m still not done! Not to mention the tweets I haven’t looked at, the emails of various accounts and the Youtube subscriptions that come thick and fast everyday. I’m starting to feel like I am living on the internet. I guess this is the reality that a blogger lives in. We get to interact, talk about our interests, take pictures and gain inspiration from countless posts, so why do we need to set foot outside? Everything we need is right here in these virtual neighbourhoods and I think sometimes, some of us would rather dream about other peoples lives than actually create our own. I have been guilty of this these past few days.



I would just like to say right now how overwhelmed I am at the standard of lifestyle bloggers out there, I’m looking at these people who lead the life I see myself living who make their surroundings seem so dang perfect in their perfectly toned photographs and their perfectly dressed friends and family with perfectly rustic homes,  which all in all leads me to start yelling at the screen, “DO YOU REALLY LIVE LIKE THIS EVERYDAY?????” I’m not trying to make a negative comment about these blogs, they’re doing a good job at making people drool over the lifestyle and they are a great way of escaping into someone elses world that has what seems to be nothing but beauty and style. But I need to see some reality here, I need mess, I need failure, I need to see these people in bad fitting jeans with egg down their shirt, just to stop me stressing over the fact that there is fly paper hanging from my fireplace and that my recycling is overflowing. I feel a mini essay coming on…


I love these beautiful blogs, and I look forward to reading and losing myself in the pictures so I hope no one takes what I’m writing personally, so please continue what you’re doing! I’m just a chick with too many expectations of myself.


So let’s get on with what the petit kitchen is all about shall we? Wonderful scrummy food, a few minor photography errors with a little cheese and bacon chucked in for good measure.



The amount of salad dressing you end up with is quite a lot, so don’t be hasty to use it all on the salad as it could overpower the taste of other ingredients. It lasts a long time so use it for other sauces and dressings! I’m thankful of the bacon in this salad, it adds to the texture and gives you little bits of leftover bacon to pick at while assembling the salad (naughty!)


You will need:



500g waxy potatoes


the juice of a lemon


2 heaped tablespoons Dijon mustard


6-8 rashers of streaky free range bacon 


a lump of young parmesan



+ 4 tbsp balsamic vinegar


12 tbsp olive oil

Lower the potatoes into boiling, salted water and cook over a moderate heat until knife tender. Drain and slice thickly.

In a food processor, blitz the vinegar, lemon juice, mustard and olive oil with 4 heaped tablespoons of grated parmesan and grind in a little black pepper.

Fry or grill the rashers until crisp and golden and drain on some kitchen paper, tear into small strips.

Put the spinach into a salad bowl, add the warm potatoes and bacon then toss with the dressing, leave for ten minutes before serving and add shavings of parmesan over the salad.


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