Grilled Mustard And Herb Chicken [Nigel Slater Project #25]



So let’s get back onto this Nigel Slater project shall we? It feels like the chicken section is taking very slow to get through, I guess it’s because there is a time limit on how long I can keep chicken for and once or twice I’ve been so busy cooking everything else in the house, I have unfortunately wasted a few opportunities, along with a few chicken pieces to do a post.

I HATE waste. Our freezer is the size of a borrower’s home with the freezing capabilities of zero so it’s quite difficult to be as savvy as I would like. Attempting to freeze meat is a no no and trying to preserve a few lunch boxes worth of soup is impossible. The only thing that has made itself at home in there is a bag of frozen peas, and a broken down chicken carcass that is waiting to be made into stock. Oh, and a tub of something. I’m too scared to look.

I make every effort not to waste anything, even my vegetable waste goes on our compost heap, but sometimes it’s hard to avoid. There’s simply nothing you can do with smelly, rotting chicken, even if it was one day out of date. So to every little bit of chicken I have wasted, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for, it won’t happen again.

So here is recipe number twenty five! A simple chicken dish which is very easy to make, and you’re bound to have most the ingredients knocking around the kitchen. Marinade for as long as you can, it really does make a difference. I think next time I would use fresh Tarragon as I had a hard time tasting it’s flavours as the mustard masked it slightly. My dried stuff has lost it’s potency I think. Eat for a main then have the rest on a sandwich as it’s really scrummy placed between two slices of Focaccia!

Oh and another thing….Breaking Bad?




Mustard, Oilve Oil, Tarragon, Red wine vinegar, Parsley


Marinade for at least an hour to get the flavours to develop on the chicken


I would use fresh herbs to really get the flavours to perform at their best.

Serves 2 – 3

– 4/6 free range chicken thighs

– 4 tbsp olive oil

– 1 tbsp dried/fresh tarragon

– 1 heaped tbsp of chopped parsley

– 1 heaped tbsp of Dijon mustard

– 2 tbsp red wine vinegar

If you haven’t got skinless, boneless thighs, using a small sharp knife, remove the skin then carefully remove the meat from around the bone. You can keep the skin and bones in a freezer bag until you have enough chicken leftover to make a stock.

Mix the oil, herbs, mustard and vinegar together and toss the chicken thighs in the marinade, leave for at least an hour, overnight would be best.

Take a griddle pan and put on a medium/high heat. Take each piece letting the excess marinade to drip off and place on the pan, cook on each side until juices run clear and golden brown on each side. Repeat until all thighs are cooked.

Take the leftover marinade and add to the pan with a little white wine or water until it bubbles, pour over the cooked chicken thighs. Add a little lemon juice and a sprinkle of sea salt, and enjoy on it’s own or with bread and butter.

One thought on “Grilled Mustard And Herb Chicken [Nigel Slater Project #25]

  1. Lizzie says:

    This is a fantastic dish and I have been making it for years. You are right, dried tarragon can smell musty if it is old. I make the dish that often, or in such large amounts, that I use a small jar of tarragon fairly quickly. I always cook it on the barbie on long, large metal skewers. It is very popular with all my friends in Australia.

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