Honey & Orange Roast Chicken Drumsticks [Nigel Slater #34]


I’m in need of some sunshine folks! I want to be woken up with the sun streaming in through the windows, making the whole room warm up just enough for it to be easy to get out of bed without the inevitable teeth chattering. The Gods listened to my prayer today and granted me the sunshine I needed to get me out and about. I think I’ve been suffering from SAD. That lack of motivation to get out of the house, thinking about whether I would be warmer inside the flat or out in the unpredictable weather of recent times.

I hoped to bring in the sunshine with food, and it just so happened that Mr Slater provided the perfect pick me up. I LOVE winter warmers, comfort eating and warming stews, it’s the type of food I look forward to most when the cold months begin their stay in late October. But then they seem to overstay their welcome, I long for the endless days and BBQ’s of Summer. My favourite type of BBQ food is the rich smoky flavours of grilled chicken, that stickiness of the marinade that caramelises on the heat of the coals. And these drumsticks were just what the doctor ordered, the aromatic scent of the oranges and the gooeyness of the honey. The sauce gets all over your fingers and it’s so moorish that you just can’t stop yourself. I’m not a fan of overly sweet things and I was worried the orange combined with the honey would make it a little sickly on the palette, but all the flavours worked wonderfully together, and I didn’t want them to end.




Let’s bring the sunshine back! And stuff our faces with chicken!

Serves 4 with other sides, 2 as a finger lickin mid afternoon main.

– 12 large free range chicken drumsticks

– olive oil/groundnut oil

– 2 heaped tbsp honey

– 2 medium sized oranges

In a large roasting tin, drizzle over a little oil, enough to coat the chicken and the bottom of the tin. Trickle over the honey. Cut one of the oranges in half and slice the other thickly. Squeeze the halved orange over the drumsticks then tuck the slices an the empty shells in with the chicken. Season with salt and pepper and roast in a preheated oven of 200C/Gas 6 for fifty minutes, turning the pieces often to create a heavenly stickiness.


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