Mountains, Runny Mascara and Tinned Food

IMG_9774-3North Wales, in March, surprisingly not the sunniest of places! The day in day out routine of work and the event of two birthdays (one of which was John’s 30th) called for a long awaited camping trip with friends to one of the UK’s most wettest destinations. What were we thinking? Well I had been pining after some adventure for quite a while and boy did I get it!


The other member of the party whose birthday occured in the same week suggested we climb Mount Snowdon. The notion of us, a group of unfit, partial to a Sunday night blow out at the pub,twenty somethings trekking up the highest mountain in Wales and the highest point in the British isles bar Scotland was quite frankly, laughable. It was never going to happen. But somehow it did.



The conditions were HORRENDOUS! Battling with seventy mile an hour winds, a lack of proper equipment and little visibility made it really difficult to smile and pose for pictures, but come on…this was our everest. And it was North Wales in March.

My one piece of advice. Waterproof mascara.


It was almost six hours in total to climb up and down the mountain with a lot of energy needed so I survived on Boost bars, Nik Naks and bread rolls. A pot of hot stew was pretty much out of the question. Back at camp, the food wasn’t a lot different, I was hoping for a lot more cooking to be going on but it was a trip of convenience and a much needed pub dinner. Packet noodles, leftover chicken sandwiches, biscuits, and baked bean bacon medleys was the food that got us through the days. It was here I realised how much our bodies crave a good homemade meal. It makes everything right in the world and puts you back to normal again.

We had a great week with some gorgeous views and night skies. Good friends, good exercise and a lot of laughter. But I’m glad to be home, glad to be back in my kitchen where I’m even more at home. So who’s hungry?



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